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Development Trend of China's press industry

China Plastic Machinery Products overall trend is toward efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, large, sophisticated, multi-direction, and to improve the technical content of existing products. In the injection molding machine products, will be in the large-scale, miniature, precision aspects of development. In the extruder, extruder production line, blow molding machine products, will be in the multi-layered, large-scale, precision aspects of development.

          Injection molding machine market development classes focus on: large injection molding machine: Clamping force ≥ 6000 tons; micro-injection molding machine: product weight <5 g; precision injection molding machine: product weight repetitive error <0.5%; electric injection molding machine; electromagnetic vibration injection molding machine.

          Extruder (Production Line) classes focus on market development: Precision extrusion equipment; wide film extrusion line; multi-layer film extrusion lines; composite extrusion equipment; centrifugal extruder; electromagnetic vibration extrusion machine .

          Blow molding type of market development will focus on: large hollow blow molding machine capacity, larger than 4000ml; multi-layer composite hollow blow molding machine, five or more.

          In addition, the comprehensive utilization of waste plastics recycling and to provide advanced and applicable technology and equipment, plastics machinery industry in China is an important direction of development.