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Rotational molding industry on the global impact of recession looming

The economic recession may bring damage to the rotational molding industry, the United States rotomolders feeling is: Although the impact is not clear, but it soon emerged. Rotational molding companies are careful to take measures to ward off a chain reaction caused by weak market, and try to turn challenges into opportunities.

      Participate in the international Association of Rotational Molders (ARM) on October 21 -23 at the Rosemont, Illinois, and the annual meeting of Rotational Molders International Exhibition (Rotoplas'08) the person's response to the current business environment, different, and in improvement efforts on processes and products, driven a lot of optimism about the future.

       Headquartered in Delano, Minnesota, the SolarPlasticsInc. The company is the United States, "Plastics News," the Top 23 largest rotational molding companies in North America. The company said "Not Yet" to see any direct economic impact of recession. But the vice president of sales and marketing proposals RickCarlsen close attention to changes in the industry peer companies, such as new regulations on vehicle emissions, and to be fully utilized.

      Solar's vice president of operations DougVonArb added: "We need to innovate and develop new products." He said, compared to proprietary products, manufacturers, custom rotomolders more vulnerable to shocks, but custom molding production companies turn to proprietary products faces an obstacle is the lack of the necessary sales channels.

      Ashland, Ohio, the HedstromPlastics company (business name is Ball, BounceandSportInc. Company) 90% of world production of PVC marine ball, the ball by holding the joint venture in China, rotational molding production. DaveYochheim sales manager, said the company will be the ball in the marine retail business accumulated knowledge and background active use in its custom molding subsidiary body.

      Even custom molder, the wide range of end markets can also help them withstand the impact of economic contraction.

       Headquartered in Indiana NewParis the RotationalMoldingTechnologiesInc. Corporation (Romotech) president DavidSmith said that despite the construction and tourism car market has basically been "caught dead", but agriculture, mining and tray market demand remains fairly strong.

        Fontanet, Indiana for the U.S. injection molder GreenLeafInc. Companies, agricultural market has become a veritable haven for the company for the production of fuel tanks and storage containers rotational nylon and polyethylene fittings, valves and fittings.

        Sales and Marketing department TekoGoda said: "We did not feel any impact." He said, thanks to strong demand for agricultural markets, the company recently GreenLeaf situation is pretty good. "Commodity prices have been rising trend."

         Recession in 2001, GreenLeaf company not so lucky. That year, falling crop prices lead to company's sales dropped by 15%. Goda said, but in this time of economic crisis, thanks to the growing ethanol industry, the U.S. crop prices remained stable.

         Headquartered in Illinois RollingMeadows the CharlesIndustriesLtd. Rotomolding products company has added to its portfolio. BruceDilling company vice president, said the company has bought a rotational molding product line: to place the outdoor cable TV base. Before being CharlesIndustries company mergers, the product has been produced in Mexico, now in the United States production. Dilling said: "We have been very strong, very good financial position. Like ours in the economic downturn but will be more stronger."

          Other business, CharlesIndustries Canton, Missouri in the United States built a plastics plant, injection molding and extrusion process used to produce proprietary products, including telephone enclosure.

          Headquartered in Florida PalmCity the PlasticsConsultingInc. BruceMuller also endorsed the company's owner, said rotational still attracting investment.

         He said: "I set up six months ago in a rotational molding business, the company produces crab cage float." Extensive use of the rotational molding process, the rotational molding industry was able to gain a firm foothold in the economic crisis. "Rotational molding company's business is still busy, people want to squeeze into the field."

          Despite the conventional wisdom that the economy does not have the rotational parts and components exports, but Smith said the company Romotech, transport does not constitute a trade barrier.

         He said: "As long as your product right path, the price is right, it will still be marketable in the world market." Romotech companies, including Japan and China to overseas customers, including sales of products, about 10% of sales come from exports.

         Carlsen said, SolarPlastics companies are also developing the Asian market, and with a fuel tank near New Delhi, India rotomolders signed a 10-year technical cooperation agreement.

        But now the downturn is likely to deteriorate further. Smith said: "I personally think that the situation in 2009 than in 2008 even worse. We have not yet dropped to the bottom. I have been reminded of my staff to maintain a high degree of caution. In material excess, overstocked products too much, too many of these difficult employees before the appearance of things, you can take early remedial measures. That is all you can do. "

        Uniontown, Ohio, the company's consulting division TerryGillian PaladinSalesLLC also soon face a more difficult road warned. "The next 18 months, the economic recession will be full." Equipment suppliers are under pressure, especially in the commercially available second-hand machinery may increase the number of cases.

        The new Chairman of the Association of Rotational Molders International is headquartered in Wisconsin, Oostburg's DutchlandPlasticsCorp. The company's sales director and co-owner of DavenClaerbout said: "not the other rotational counterparts taken away your business, but customers less . Even if the lower prices, can not drive demand growth. "

        Executive Director of the International Association of Rotational Molders RickChurch said rotational companies can do is "very clear monitoring of costs and efficiency of their condition, while the implementation of process improvement. Thus, in the downturn, there will not be your business significantly reduced. Now is the time to focus on improving the business, for two reasons: First, in order to improve efficiency, so that we can reduce the circumstances in the business to maintain the original level of profit; Second, we know that the economy will improve sooner or later it . Once markets recover, we will be able to prepare to win market share. "

         Claerbout added: "When the economy improves, do not forget the pain of Depression." He said, the pursuit of efficiency and technological progress should be an ongoing and sustainable process.

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